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Metal Garage Kits

Sooner or later, almost all of us need some extra storage space. A garage can be just the thing for vehicles, valuables, or even a workshop, but not all buildings have garages. Metal garage kits that come ready to assemble are practical, durable, and cost-effective solutions. 

Metal garages come in various sizes and styles, allowing you to select the right option for you. Custom metal garages are also easy to assemble and sturdy enough to hold together without support beams. 

If you’re in need of a cheap, easy-to-assemble garage without sacrificing quality and durability, you may be interested in a metal garage kit.

White Steel Garage for Two Vehicles

Benefits of Custom Metal Garage Kits

Metal garages can be beneficial to any home or business. Building a full garage or adding one to your property may be tempting — but it’s also expensive. You will likely have to pay a crew to complete the project, on top of the price of materials. 

With a metal garage kit, you need only purchase the kit and allow us to build and install your steel garage. You will also save on maintenance, as the steel we use is chosen for durability and simplicity. 

We use the highest quality steel, so you won’t have to worry about heavy wind or severe storms. Our steel garage buildings can endure far more than any wooden structure.

With a metal garage kit, customization is central. Our buildings are strong but simple, giving you plenty of opportunity to use the interior however you see fit. They also come in various sizes, from a small shed to a full two-car garage. Whatever your needs are, we have a steel garage kit for you.

Applications of Metal Garage Kits

You may have never considered adding a garage to your property, but you could probably use one. You likely own a vehicle, so you may need a place to store it. The elements can do a lot to wear down a car when left outside, so a garage kit is a great option for putting a roof over your vehicle. 

There are a few sizes to choose from, including two-car and three-car garages. For vehicles of all sizes, there is a garage kit that fits your situation. You can also opt for remote-controlled roll-up doors, allowing you to drive right in. 

A personal or professional workshop is always nice to have. A prefab garage is perfect to set up shop in, and the column-free interior allows you to use the full space for any equipment and furnishings you may need. The size and style are up to you — and of course, you can have as many metal buildings as you want. 

Our garage kits can be your ultimate storage solution. A steel garage will keep your belongings safe and secure. You can have your own metal building for a much more affordable price than renting out space from someone else, and you can keep it all on your property.

Steel Car Port for Multiple Cars

Choosing the Right Kit

So you have decided to purchase one of our metal building kits but are unsure which suits you. The first question you should consider is, what size do you need? If you intend to build a car garage, how many cars will you be parking inside? A one-car option is available, but a two- or three-car garage may be better for you. Our steel garage kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure you can find what you need.

The roof style is the next factor to consider. You can get the classic arched roof, but you could also choose a gable, hip, or flat. Each has its own advantages, so you should consider it carefully. There are plenty of door options as well, based on how big of an entrance you need and how secure you want it. Roll-up doors are a popular option, both automated and manual. 

When looking through steel garage kits, be sure you consider the materials. The highest quality steel in your building kit will be the most durable and last the longest. You don’t want your garage rusting or falling apart a few years in, so you will want to spring for the best steel you can. That’s why we offer only the highest quality steel garages. 

Assembly and Installation

Assembling and installing your garage could not be easier. We do offer DIY kits, so you can construct it yourself without much hassle. Whether you opt for a DIY kit or have us assemble the garage building, the process is fast and easy, giving you your finished garage within a weekend or even a day. The length of time may vary based on the size and style of the steel building — but compared to other building methods, our kits are a breeze.

Many of our garage buildings can be assembled and brought to your chosen location, however, on-site installation is an option that might suit you better. This ensures there are no doubts about having enough space, and you can keep a close watch on the construction of your garage. Our team is professional and courteous, so you will not have to worry about any mess around your house or property.

Professional assistance might not always be needed, but sometimes a more complicated build necessitates it. As tempting as it may be to handle installation on your own or with friends, you can easily find yourself in over your head. Leaving construction to certified professionals spares you that risk and guarantees quality work in your structure. We have the equipment and know-how to be secure in the work, and it costs much less money than having to repair it over time. 


Can I customize my metal garage kit?

There are a number of customization options tailored to your specific needs. Walk-in doors versus roll-up doors, types of roof, size, windows, and shape. You can also pick the color and style. You can customize your garage however you like with a metal building kit.

How durable are metal garage buildings?

Our metal is the highest quality steel, secure and durable enough to withstand the elements for years to come. You will not have to worry about regular maintenance, come rain or snow. 

What size options are available?

You can customize your garage however you wish, but we offer sizes ranging from a small carport to a large barn. One-car, two-car, or three-car options are available, and you can peruse our options for a better idea of what size you may need.

Rv Garage and Car Port

Seek Out Your Own Metal Garage Kit

If you need extra storage space, a safe place to park your cars, or a professional or personal workshop, our metal garage kits could be just what you need. No matter what you need, we have a model to suit you at a price you can’t beat. You can have a durable, long-lasting steel garage on your property without breaking the bank. 

For help choosing one of our garage kits, reach out to our team at US Patriot Steel. Call or complete our online contact form. Check our location.