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Commercial Self Storage Facilities

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Commercial Self Storage

Need a self-storage facility or mini storage. Let our team design it for you. Designed for your exact location with all of your needs met. Just reach out to us and we will start designing your project right away.
Our custom storage building designs allow a variety of different layouts to meet your project needs. Bay widths adjustable and do not have to be even, meaning you can all different sizes of storage units. All storage units can be secured with roller doors, in many different sizes. Insulation, ventilation, flooring and vermin protection are also some of the other optional that can be added to your building. To start planning your design today, contact us now!

All our Buildings are 100% Customizable!

Why Choose US Patriot Steel?


We are one of leading, customized steel building experts delivering highest quality and customer satisfaction.


We pride ourselves in what we do. With our A+ and 5 star ratings it easy to see why our customers are happy.


With over 50 years industry experience we get the job done right.


Lowest price and best quality, simply can’t be beat.

Comprehensive range

Our engineering, designs and buildings cover all aspects of life. Residential, commercial and anything in between.

Proud Americans

Designed and manufactured in USA.