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Auto Dealerships

Steel buildings are the most durable and flexible structures you have ever seen. Not flexible like “they bend easy” but flexible in the amount of uses one can use them for. Most people think of steel buildings as a warehouses or barn. What people fail to realize is they can be used for virtually any type of building. They are incredibly durable and completely customizable. Doors, offices, showroom floors and workstation are just a start. Let us help you build your next dealership.

All our Buildings are 100% Customizable!

Why Choose US Patriot Steel?


We are one of leading, customized steel building experts delivering highest quality and customer satisfaction.


We pride ourselves in what we do. With our A+ and 5 star ratings it easy to see why our customers are happy.


With over 50 years industry experience we get the job done right.


Lowest price and best quality, simply can’t be beat.

Comprehensive range

Our engineering, designs and buildings cover all aspects of life. Residential, commercial and anything in between.

Proud Americans

Designed and manufactured in USA.