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Airplane Hangar Building Kits

Having an airplane but no aircraft hangar can expose your plane to the elements and damage. However, you may be overwhelmed by your options for airplane hangars. When you need a sturdy, durable building, one of our airplane hangar building kits may be right for you. 

An aircraft hangar kit can provide you with the materials you need for the perfect airplane hangar. Our team at US Patriot Steel is here to help guide you through this process and ensure you get the airplane hangar you want.

Steel Aircraft Hangar

Benefits of Airplane Hangar Building Kits

Durability and Protection

Our steel airplane hangars are built to last. When you need a new aircraft hangar or other aviation building, you need something that can protect you from the elements and provide the right space. Our buildings protect from the elements, with options for hangar doors that work for your needs.


When you purchase one of our steel structures, you can expect many customization options that can make your building distinct and better suited for your needs. These metal buildings can be customized during the creation process. For example, if you want a specific design with sliding doors, we can add a specific element to your design.


Steel buildings like these may be exposed to high wind speeds and other problems, which can lead to damage. Fortunately, our anger designs are more than sturdy. They are also cost-effective. We use quality materials to build the best possible airplane hangar for your airplane.

Types of Airplane Hangar Building Kits

Steel Airplane Hangars

Our steel airplane hangars provide durability and protection that other types of hangars may not offer. The structure is intended to protect your plane from damage caused by the elements, especially wind. Like all our steel building options, our steel airplane hangars come with customization options that allow you to make decisions about exactly what your airplane hangar looks like. 

Prefab Hangar Kits

When you need the durability of our steel structures but do not have the time for a long construction, our prefab hangar kits may be perfect for your needs. We manufacture these kits to reduce cost while providing the materials needed to provide a secure building with insulation from the elements and weather.

Custom Hangar Kits

When you have specific ideas for the interior or exterior of your airplane hangar kit, reach out to us for one of our custom kits, where you can decide about these details. Whether you need more storage or other details, our options give you the space to make the decisions you want for your new building.

Big Metal Hangar with Aircraft Inside

Features & Components

Hangar Doors

One of the most important features of your airplane hangar is the door. Different doors will require different levels of regular maintenance and specific design. Below are a few of the most common options chosen:

  • Sliding doors
  • Hydraulic doors
  • Bi-fold doors

Our team is ready to accommodate whichever type of door you choose to protect your airplane from the elements. No matter what you choose for your build, we will ensure it is as durable as ever.

Building Materials

We intend to deliver when we say that our airplane hangar building kits are designed and made with American-made materials. We work with only the highest-grade materials to ensure that your building can withstand the test of time and the elements. 

If you have any issues with the durability or quality of your building, we also offer a long-term warranty. That way, you can get the replacement you need if unsatisfied with our building materials.

Design Options

When you seek out one of our airplane hangar kits, we want you to be able to customize it to your heart’s desire. You should have a design and layout that you are happy with. That includes the placement of windows, door options, and even color options.

We offer so many customization options that you may need help. If you are overwhelmed with choices and are unsure what you need for your specific plane, reach out to our team to learn more about your options for choosing the right airplane hangar.

Buying Guide 


When buying a steel airplane hangar, one of the first things you need to know is the location to determine the best size for your plane. Even the best steel building cannot do much protecting if it is not big enough for your plane.

Once you have determined the sizing for your building, the rest can follow suit. Ensuring that your building is just the right size can protect your plane without spending more than necessary on a larger hangar.


After choosing a specific aircraft hangar project, customers can expect us at their doors as soon as possible. Fortunately, the assembly process is relatively simple. Our prefab buildings in particular take little time to build, as they are already cut to size and contain all the necessary materials. 

Once we have arrived, you can expect our team of builders to begin assembly, from foundation to roof, with as much speed and efficiency as possible. We want you to be able to enjoy your new building without delay.


Because we want our customers to have quality options at a competitive price, you may note that our steel airplane hangar building kits are less costly than many other options as you search for one of these buildings. 

We also offer our services with financing options. We know that an airplane hangar can be a big commitment and expense, so we offer options for financing that work for your budget.

Airplane Hangar Building Kit FAQs 

How do different hangar doors function, and which is best for my needs?

The top hangar door options are hydraulic, bifold, and slider doors. For those focused on function and reliability, adding a hydraulic door to your metal building may be one of your best options. 

However, certain factors such as snow loads can impact your door functionality. Talk to our team about the best options for your specific needs.

Can I customize my hangar kit to accommodate specific aircraft dimensions?

While we do carry prefab hangar options for those with standard needs for a hangar building, many aircraft owners may need a specific building size for their steel hangar. Because of this, we make all our steel building kits customizable to the needs of our customers.

What materials are used in these hangar kits for durability and protection?

Our hangar kit options are generally made of steel. That is because a steel building is more durable and less likely to be worn down with weather, temperature, and time. We also offer hangar door options, including steel, which can help protect your plane when the weather worsens.

Group Sitting at a Desk and Planning a Project

Contact Us About Airplane Hangar Building Kits

Your steel airplane hangar should be a safe place to store your aircraft and its related equipment. However, you may be overwhelmed with the choice of aircraft hangars and may need help determining which is right for you.

At US Patriot Steel, we are proud to help our clients choose the right steel aircraft hangar for their needs. All customers can expect quality materials and American-made products with competitive pricing and helpful financing options. Call or fill out our online contact form if you are ready to start with your aircraft building.